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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finally! And another contest!

I'm finally finished with Jennifer Murgia's Angel Star (after a surprise reading slump I experienced 2 days ago) so my review is gonna be up as soon as I get into writing it. I was right not to give up reading, I enjoyed it so much! I can't wait for the 2nd book, Lemniscate. So now I owe myself (and readers, if there's any) a review!

I'm trying to start reading Forgive my Fins now (Hardcover! A surprise birthday gift I got from a really good friend and fellow bookworm, Tina who runs her own book review website, One More Page.) but my headache is killing me. I'm always like this whenever I am coming down with a cold, and it seriously bums me out, spending my Saturday trying to rest and clear out this headache to no avail.

I'm still trying to restrain myself from running to the nearest mall because the bookstores are starting their book sale right at this very moment. Fully Booked, PowerBooks and now National Bookstore has announced the start of their sale. I can still make it right when I get my pay check and join the sale, but I still have to wait a little less than 2 weeks. And that's hard if you're me.

So for now I'm satisfying myself joining contests with books as giveaways, hoping I'll win one of these days. Who knows, when I post my first In My Mailbox, I'll have tons of books to read.

La Femme Readers is giving away 2011 YA book releases!

La Femme Readers 2011 YA Releases Giveaway!

I'm especially looking forward to Cassie Clare's City of Fallen Angels! Also, Wake Into Me and Angelfire! *crosses fingers* Click the link above to enter! Good luck people!

Now I gotta rest because my laptop's light is killing my eyes. I'll post my review as soon as I can, so watch out for that!


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