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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm blabbing...

I'm pretty sure whoever reads this blog knows that I'm a book freak. I love books. So much. So much so that sometimes, I do this:

  • Buy books on impulse. When I see one that I think is good and I have money, I buy it. No questions asked.

  • Stock up on books. Seriously, you guys should see my bookshelf and see how many books I haven't read yet.

Sometimes I'd like to think that Goodreads is evil. I search and click on random links and I see books I want to read, even when I'm in the middle of reading one already. I am evil too because sometimes I can't resist the urge to switch books. When I do that, I tend to forget about the book I was previously reading and never touch it again. Like now.

My Goodreads profile stat is horrible. I have around 60 books read, and my to-read list has 110 books. 110 books. See the problem there? And its growing by the minute. I've just added two more as I type this entry.

Avalon High

Last night I switched from reading The Van Alen Legacy to Avalon High. I was re-arranging my bookshelf since it looks like a disaster (really, you should've seen it. I even dumped the sealed packages of books I asked friends to buy for me overseas, unopened!) and saw this book. Bought it a week ago (on impulse, again since its on sale for 150 php at National Bookstore) along with Tweet Heart, which I finished reading a few days ago.

I finally gave up on The Van Alen Legacy because I've been having trouble recalling the events in the previous books. I've been thinking of re-reading all three books before finally reading this one, but still deciding since I don't have that much time in my hands. I'd rather spend some time reading new books than re-reading.

I have to admit, this is the first Meg Cabot book I'll be reading. Yup, I haven't even read The Princess Diaries, just seen the movie. I think its a good starter though. My reading journey's been smooth so far. Hopefully I finish this tonight.

And then I'll wonder (once again) what I'm gonna read for the weekend.

Hmm... maybe its time to open that box set of The Luxe I got for Christmas last year?


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