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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Introductory Post: I am Tin...

College friends call me Nitz or Ate Nitz, coz I’m a couple of years older than them, but when I’m online, I normally use Tin, a nickname I have since I was a kid. My dear friend here, Kai, already introduced me as Nitz, which is okay with me, by the way, but I’ll be posting reviews as Tin.=)

It has been a long while since I blogged, and when the opportunity to blog again came around, I knew I couldn’t just let that go. Imagine, I get to do two of the things I’ve always loved, reading and writing.

I deem reviews necessary, and when I pick out a book, after reading the teaser at the back, I flip the pages to the “praises” section to see what critics are saying about the author’s other novels. But, to actually write a review after reading a novel? That concept is relatively new to me. My writing was limited to prose and poetry, short essays, and blogs.

I am not really picky with what I read, but I draw the line at the supernatural and the paranormal genre. Most of the time, I read fiction novels, though I own a couple of non-fiction ones. I’d rather read contemporary romance than historical romance stories, you know, where there are lords and dames and dukes and duchesses. I would choose a mystery over a self-help book anytime, and one day, I would like to finish a classic(think Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen, J.D. Salinger, etc). Uhm, okay. I just said I’m not picky, yet I listed what I would and would not read. Haha! But yeah, basically, I read almost everything.

My all-time favorite author is Mary Higgins Clark. I have all of her books, save for three or four that I can’t find anywhere. Maybe I should start checking online now. When it comes to suspense-thrillers, she set the bar high for me. Of course, I also own a few copies of Agatha Christie’s classic mysteries.

Chick-lit novels occupy the most space in my bookshelves, all by different authors. A good number of my books are HQNauthors (Jennifer Crusie, Stef Ann Holm, Jennifer Greene, etc). I also read books by European writers like Marian Keyes, Cecelia Ahern, and Sophie Kinsella.

While I’m already in my mid-twenties, I still own quite a lot of Young Adult fiction. Most of my childhood and teenage years were spent reading Love Stories, Sweet Dreams, Baby-sitters Club and the Sweet Valley series. From time to time, I take them out of boxes (coz all my shelves are full already), and read them on weekends.

And now, I get to write about what I felt reading their books, which is just awesome. Before, I simply related my side comments to friends, and seriously, sometimes I run out of things to properly describe the book, and before I finish my “review”, we’ve moved on to another topic. I’m just glad I now have an outlet for all of that.

I’d be reviewing mostly chick-lit and YA fiction, but I’m not closing any doors to other genres as well. Of course, it will also be of great pleasure to recommend you, our dear readers, with books that I and Kai may find great and interesting. Nothing beats enjoying a novel except sharing the same joy with others.=)

Watch out for my first “official” review of Babyland by Holly Chamberlin, soon.


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