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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review: Bad Boys Don't Play Hero by Linda Kage

As I've mentioned in my review of Gwen Hayes' Butterface, I've always been amazed with authors who can write so much in just a few pages. It's just beyond me how they can do that, and I really like being wonderfully surprised when I am reading a short story, because more often than not, I get frustrated when I read a full novel with 300+ pages and still feel that there was so much more that could have been written about the story.

That just wasn't the case with this.

Linda Kage is officially one of my favorite authors. The Stillburrow Crush might have made her one of my favorites, but this short story, this free read, just cemented that fact. Both just made me go "wow, she's really good!".

Young Adult Romance
Free Read
Available : January 17, 2010
In Ebook Only

When Nick Farrow sneaks into Tri-Delta Educational Academy’s school dance, he’s only curious to see how rich kids live. He never expects to meet pretty freshman, Kiernan Childler. Just when they start to get along, though, her father catches them together. And surprise, surprise, her dad ends up being his dad’s boss. His father is fired over the ordeal, making Nick determined to do anything to get his dad’s job back.

Homesick after leaving her mom due to a custody battle, Kiernan must adjust to living with her dad. She isn’t prepared for someone like Nick to tumble into her life. When she learns he’s been lying to her, she doesn’t plan to forgive him, but he manages to persuade her into helping him find an arsonist.

What starts as a desperate attempt to save his dad’s job, turns into an adventure neither Kiernan nor Nick expected.

I love the way the author has written Nick. And even though he doesn't want to admit it, Nick is a bad boy through and through. Who would have the guts to sneak into a rich kids' school just to see how they live? I don't think an ordinary teenage boy would think of doing that at all, no matter how curious he gets.

Kiernan was your typical teenager, and you can very much relate to her, trying to cope with life with her dad (who isn't being very nice), being away from her mother, and being very lonely in a new town, a new home, a new school.

What makes reading this satisfying was that there wasn't much I felt that was left out. There were just enough elements of mystery and thrill when Nick & Kiernan were trying to find out who the arsonist was, a bit of teenage angst with Nick and his feelings about rich kids, and Kiernan being lonely without her mother, and of course, those romantic moments they shared during the dance, and that surprising kiss they shared. Yes, I actually find the scene after Kiernan puked really cute. :)

Like my most favorite part of the story:

“I don‟t even know your name,” she whispered.
“It‟s Nick.”
Her smile was soft. “I‟m Kiernan.”
“Kiernan.” He said the name on a sigh as if it were part of his regular breathing. It was unusual and original, just like her. “You look like a Kiernan.”
She laughed. “And just what does a Kiernan look like?”
“Easy. I‟m looking at one.” When she rolled her eyes again, he continued. “They‟re very beautiful, you know. With skin like a china doll,” he touched her cheek with the back of his hand and then slid his fingers over her hair, “and hair like silk I could never afford. Soft, small hands. And lips so kissable you think you need them more than you do your next breath. You want them so bad, you‟d pay money for a taste.”
She shook her head. “You‟re not like anyone I‟ve ever met.”
“Well you‟re not like anyone I‟ve ever met,” he countered.

The way Nick described Kiernan's name, using those words, just made me swoon. Very romantic...

In those fifty three pages, Linda Kage was able to write a short but sweet and simple tale of how two teens from very different backgrounds fall for each other. The twist in the end was very surprising, if I may say so. I was pleasantly surprised!

Truthfully, the style used to write this short story is very simple, and I don't think flowery words were needed, but all the same, you can't help but fall in love with the characters, especially Nick. He's just too cute, really.

This is how a short story should be. You don't need to go round and round and prolong the scenes. It was straight to the point, but it was a very, very charming read.

If you have time for a quick read, drop by Linda Kage's website to read this wonderful story! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Rating: ★★★★☆ : FANTASTIC! - This is a really nice book. I love it!

P.S. I'd wish for a better cover though. It would add more appeal to the short story and it would show how awesome it is. I wanted to create a new cover so bad. ^^


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