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Friday, August 6, 2010

Spazz Post: Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

I just remembered that I am entitled to make posts that isn't really about book reviews, and I just can't help it, but I have to blog about this.

My amazon page is currently opened and I am taking a sneak peek at the highly anticipated novel of Lisa Desrochers, Personal Demons, with Hanson's Save Me playing in the background. Very appropriate, don't you think?

I am one of the many bookworms around the world who is looking forward to this book (seriously, you can check my Goodreads account). A friend of mine blogged about this as her W0W a few weeks ago and the moment I finished reading the summary, I know I'm gonna be waiting on my toes until this book comes out.

I have a few reasons why I love this book (even though I haven't read it yet):
  • The story, of course. If you haven't read the summary, head over to Lisa's blog, or at Goodreads.
  • The covers are so pretty (thanks for clearing up the info about the cover, Lisa!) You can find the other covers on Lisa's blog here.
  • Two very sexy (my imagination, currently going into overdrive, says so) guys. One Angel, the other a Demon. Good vs. Evil. Enough said.
  • Luc's got six senses. Imagine that... ^^
I am quoting this part of the book, which is my current favorite (I hope I don't get in trouble for this?):

"Nope. Don't believe in second chances." The Underworld's not big on that concept.
She shifts back in her chair and folds her arms across her chest, scrutinizing me. "You've never made a mistake? Done something you were sorry for?"
"Everybody has something they wish they could undo."
I lean toward her and gaze into those sapphire eyes. "What do you wish you could undo, Frannie?"

Frannie seems to be the sassy type of heroine, the ones that I really like to read about. I seriously want to keep on reading, and I've nearly forgotten this is just a sneak peek into the book. I don't really mind the cursing (I think its kinda cool for a girl to curse, just not excessively) like some other people do. Oh dear, I am stacking up the reasons in my head so I can persuade myself to buy this book.

So everyone who is reading this post, go pre-order the book on Amazon RIGHT NOW! Click here: Personal Demons: Paperback

Hopefully this hits the bookstores in my country on time. I will be counting down the days when this comes out!


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