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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Interview: E.J. Stevens, author of She Smells The Dead

To celebrate the release of She Smells The Dead, (which is today, in my side of the world) and as a part of the Book Release party, I'm posting a fab interview from the author herself, the fabulous E.J. Stevens. I was lucky enough to ask a few questions to E.J. about the book.

If you've read the book, and you're curious to know what happens next, you might want to read this. Why, you ask? Because E.J. shared some precious info about Spirit Guide, Book #2!

On with the interview:

Can you please share with us something about yourself?

I live in a magical forest on the coast of Maine where I am currently working on Spirit Storm, the second book in the Spirit Guide young adult paranormal romance series. My only neighbors are the spirits lingering around the overgrown cemetery beside my house and the creatures that hoot, flap, and snap branches as they pass by in the night. A perfect environment for a paranormal author! :)

In your own words, can you please tell us something about your novel, She Smells The Dead?

She Smells the Dead is the story of Yuki, a rebellious teen entering her senior year of high school, coping with her newly developed paranormal ability. Can Yuki hear the dead? No. Can Yuki see the dead? No, not so much. Yuki smells the dead, or rather is inundated with smell impressions. The only way to make the smell impressions stop is to help the spirit that is haunting her find peace. Yuki, with the help of her friends, is faced with the daunting task of trying to solve the mystery of what unfinished business is keeping the spirit of the dead trapped here. While trying to help the spirit ascend, Yuki is at risk of being pulled into the light. She will need her friends to help her survive, but something strange is going on with her friend Calvin. Yuki has psychic powers to deal with and a mystery to solve, but the true mystery may be the new feelings she has for a boy who has secrets of his own.

What's your inspiration in writing the book?

The idea for She Smells the Dead originally came to me while walking past the graveyard beside my home. I was overwhelmed by a strong smell and suddenly wondered what it would be like to have a psychic connection with spirits of the dead that came in the form of smells, rather than sight or sound.

What made you decide to write in the paranormal genre? Why not another genre?

My mom is from Wales and brought with her a multitude of captivating myths and Celtic folklore. I was raised on stories of faeries and goblins and really did believe there were bloodthirsty monsters hiding in the shadows. The Welsh myths of my childhood opened my mind to the possibility of magic in our everyday waking world. I never turned back.

Was any of the characters in the book based on a real person? I'm a bit curious, especially with Yuki's character.

Yuki was originally based on myself at her age though her character grows throughout the series. Yuki continues to be shaped by the challenges she must face and has become an amazing character with a strong personality of her own.

If She Smells The Dead was made into a movie, which actors would you think best fit the roles of the characters in the novel?

The one actor that I have cast for a role in She Smells the Dead is Misha Collins. Misha Collins is the actor who plays Castiel on the TV show Supernatural. Give him a facial scar and a roguish personality and he would make a fabulous Simon.

Since this is the first book in a series, can you tell us (even a bit) what to look forward to in the upcoming books?

Spirit Storm (Spirit Guide, book 2) is due out 2011. Here is a sneak peek at Spirit Storm.

Spirits of the Dead are coming...

Yuki is about to face an army of lost souls on Samhain, the night of Halloween, when the spirits of the dead roam free. Yuki will need all the help she can get from her friends. But will Calvin be there for her when she needs him the most?

Someone is killing off members of the Old Blood, Calvin's people, one by one. As the search for the culprit narrows, Calvin will have to make a choice. Will he help his soul mate Yuki, the woman he loves, in her fight against the dead or will he take up his role as alpha and choose to defend his people?

Thank you for the fabulous interview, E.J.! Are you excited for Spirit Storm? I sure am!

So have you read She Smells The Dead? If not, grab a copy now! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

She Smells The Dead on Amazon (Trade Paperback)
She Smells The Dead on Amazon (Kindle Edition)
Releases worldwide September 9, 2010 in trade paperback.
ISBN13: 9780984247523
ISBN: 0984247521


  1. What an awesome interview! I have to love an author who loves Misha Collins. He is my favorite character from Supernatural and now I have ot read the book. Thanks!

  2. anjohnston,
    Thank you! While writing Simon's character I often pictured Misha Collins. Isn't he fabulous? ;P

    Thank you for having me here today at Amaterasu Reads!

    From the Shadows
    Spirit Guide Series

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi E.J. -
    Although I'm not a reader of YA books, your book (& its' sequels) make me want to read them [& that's not easy to do].

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}
    P.S. Sorry - I deleted my 1st comment to correct a spelling error.


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