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Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Musings: We Clean! We Cover!

I'm starting a new type of posting in my blog (if you can call it that). I noticed that all I ever share are reviews and the memes I participate, so I thought why not post something about me, something closely related to my love of books or random happenings in my life that's connected with books. So I came up with this :)

For this week, I'm sharing a sneak peek of my book shelf. It's a little bookshelf (for now) and I'm still filling it up with books. I've been reading since I was 10, mostly my mom's books. We also move a lot so whatever book collection my mom has got lost while moving or, more often than not, ended up being donated or sold to book sale shops. I only managed to save a few of them, and they're pretty old so I rarely read them.

I had a very random urge to clean my bookshelf, so I took out some of the books to arrange the books inside first.

There you see a few of my books from J.R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood Insiders Guide) Tera Lynn Childs, Meg Cabot, Lara Adrian (Midnight Breed Series) Robin Palmer, Elizabeth Rudnick, Melissa Kantor and a few other YA novels. Oh, plus the two books I won from contests! (Clockwork Angel & The Devil Wears Plaid plus swag still inside their packages)

Uh, yeah I also have New Moon (anyone living in the Philippines, around Taguig or Makati or Pasig area I can give the book to you for free), and my collection of J.R. Ward's BDB series and The Luxe box set I got as a Christmas gift last year, still sealed and unopened.

Before YA, I'm a huge fan of the paranormal romance genre, so I have a few books (Kerrelyn Sparks, Christina Dodd, Christine Feehan, Kim Harrison) I bought when I was in Japan. I also have Dan Brown and a few Korean books and DVDs.

So I arranged everything to look neat. I haven't sorted it out yet alphabetically by author or by title, reserved that for another day when I have more books and more space to put them all. But it looks better now than before! I had to get rid of the packages of the books I ordered before so whew~ I freed a few shelf space. ^^

And I while I was arranging the books, I found out I have a few which haven't been covered with plastic yet. Yes, you've guessed it right. I rarely read my books unless its covered. I guess that's how I take care of it. But if I can't wait to read it, I can always read it w/o cover, but I have to be very careful. I hate creases! And I rarely fold pages to mark passages/quotes. XD

To cover: Clockwork Angel, Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider's Guide, Honey Blonde Chica, Little Miss Red, Shades of Midnight and The Devil Wears Plaid.

I don't cover my own books. I tried to before, but I ended up ruining and cutting the book itself accidentally instead of the plastic cover, so I leave the covering to my mom. Which means I can't hide the number of books I haul home every payday since she has to cover all of them. XD

I'm getting a new book shelf soon! :)

So, I guess that's it. I want to do a vlog but I'm too afraid I'll end up blabbing, and I have a weird kind of voice, plus I don't have time to edit, so maybe next time. XD


  1. Haha. You're not alone, I also use plastic book cover for my paperbacks. You're giving away New Moon? Sadly, I don't live in either of the two cities you've mentioned. Anyways, great collection of books. :)

  2. We have something in common. I also cover my books, I mean all of them except the Harbounds (because I don't know how either). I don't read them until it was covered because my hands is kind of sweaty, it damp the cover. And, I took half an hour or more to cover a book, I don't want for the cover to be too lose, I want it to fit perfectly so when you like at first, it seemed not covered.

    Great bookshelf. I'm guessing why you want to give away New Moon and I think we have the same reason.

  3. hey jenilee, where do you live, anyway? just curious :)

    hi ivan! I cover ALL of my books, even the hardbacks. that's just how I take care of my books though its tricky to cover hardbacks because of the extra "cover" (jacket?).

    Ah, I think you guessed it right. LOL. not a big fan of Twilight, thus I'm giving it away. it deserves a new home/bookshelf than mine since I never read it. ^^


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