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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Own Reading Challenge!

I talked about "hidden jewels" among all the stellar books that I keep on seeing on Goodreads on my previous post, and after reading Falling From Grace, I thought I'd read other books that aren't so popular, but are good. A friend of mine and fellow book blogger, Jennilee of Reading Lassie and I are taking on a challenge we made:

We picked 16 books that we will read until December 19th. Basically we'll just read and review the book. But we'll also try to post interviews and maybe a few giveaways if we can.

1. Falling From Grace (Grace #1) by S.L. Naeole - FINISHED / REVIEWED
2. Bird Song (Grace #2) by S.L. Naeole
3. Black Halo (Grace #3) by S.L. Naeole
4. Hush Money by Susan Bischoff
5. Switched by Amanda Hocking
6. The Crescent by Jordan Deen
7. My Blood Approves #1 by Amanda Hocking
8. Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan
9. Branded : Fall of Angels by Keary Taylor
10. Portal (Portal Chronicles, #1) by Imogen Rose
11. The Thirteenth Chime by Emma Michaels
12. Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens
13. Book of Love (Knight Angels, #1) by Abra Ebner
14. The Emerald Talisman (Talisman, #1) by Brenda Pandos
15. Solid (Solid, #1) by Shelley Workinger
16. The Light of Asteria: Kailmeyra's Last Hope (Kailmeyra, #1) by Elizabeth Isaacs

Feel free to participate if you like! Just go grab the picture and put it somewhere in your website. Or if you're reviewing an indie/ self-published book, put the picture on your post and link back! We don't have any incentives to give yet, I might have one to celebrate the end of the challenge on the 19th, but for now we just want to get the word out there about these books. We hope you can join us!


  1. Ooh, this sounds like a great idea Kai! I've been getting a lot of self-published requests (and reviewed two out of four so far). I might join you with this one. :)

    I'm actually very curious about some of these titles, most notably The Cresent, The Emerald Talisman, Thirteenth Chime, Portal, Promise, and #16 'cause I'm too lazy to type all that out. xD

    And of course, Falling from Grace (which I'll comment on tomorrow - I'm tired!). Okay well dang, your whole list. There. :P

  2. I'll donate my sequel, The Sapphire Talisman in a drawing for those who finish the list :) Thanks for adding The Emerald Talisman!

  3. Jenny Pox is a great read - you can win a copy on my blog right now - check it out

  4. Just taking a stroll through the FF blogs. This is interesting. I recently finished two books by and Indie author. I find many of them on

    I'm looking for a good I read Indie Authors button to put on my blog :)

    Mad Scientist

  5. Ok my brain isn't working but the challenge is to read the listed Indie books or we can create our own? I've been reading almost exclusively lately Indie books and my Kindle is full of them so I could defintely do this challenge. Sad thing is I'm going on a self imposed book buying ban so if I have to read from your list I'm screwed *looks at the list and tries to calculate if she should do a last minute shopping binge* Well I have 4-5 of the titles already so we'll see. I'll check back for the answer or if you have time drop over to my blog and post it there. This sounds like a really fun challenge and it'll be my first :)

  6. @brenda: hey, thanks! I'll send you an email for the details around the end of the challenge, thank you for the donation!

    @thebookishsnob: you are welcome to create your own as long as they're self-published/indie authors, just notify us by linking your post/leaving a comment!


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