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Sunday, October 10, 2010

This is Amaterasu... version 2.0!

After spending 7 grueling hours of layouting and making graphics and choosing and changing color schemes, I present to you... the newly revamped AMATERASU READS!

Gone is this dark, black vortex:

(Sorry, forgot to take a screenshot of the previous layout, and this is the only one I can find!)

Now we have this! *points at the new layout while dancing the cha-cha blindfolded* And its pink! It's lovely and its so much better looking than the previous layout! Right? Right?

To be honest, I got bored with the previous layout. As much as I love black, I think the darkness of the layout contributed to my eyesight deteriorating these past few months, so I changed it to something white and pretty! Yes, I am proud of my work! :)

Along with the new blog layout are some changes. First, we changed the rating system. You can check out the detailed system HERE. We're also going to rate covers now, so look forward to our upcoming reviews!

And now, giving credits to where its due!

All images are from Deviant art: 1 2 3 4 5
Fonts & brushes are from my computer (Exmouth, Adobe Caslon Pro, New Caledonia, LainieDaySH and Candara)

So... what do you think?

Welcome to our newly rebooted blog!


  1. I am EXTREMELY jealous of your layout. it's SO PRETTY! You did a really good job :)

  2. I like it!! It's clean, bright, and neat. Great job! I wish you were nearby and could show me how to do this kind of stuff. I'd love to make over my blog as well.

  3. I love the new look! Very cute and cheerful! (:

  4. I love this very pink layout! Off with the darkside! :D

  5. All your hardwork paid off! Its really looking pretty. Is pink your favorite? I love purple so much that I had changed my blog to that color lol

  6. everyone, thanks for the comment!

    @jinky: I can help! (I think?)
    @misha: not really my favorite, but I so love pink! I love how fresh it looks. I got tired of the black, and I think turning everything to white is a really good move. XD


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