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Friday, November 5, 2010

Follow Friday / Book Blogger Hop (14)

Hey everyone, how are you? How many of you are participating in NaNoWriMo this year? My word count is hopeless (5K), and my story is still going nowhere, but I hope to write more later. It's a crazy week for me. Won 10 books this week. Can't wait to get all of them!

The question for this week: Who are your favorite authors?

I'm a big big fan of J.R. Ward, Lara Adrian and Nalini Singh. I love the vampires and angels in their stories, they write great books with kick-a*s characters (and hot scenes) In the YA genre, I love Simone Elkeles, Linda Kage, Melissa de la Cruz (she's Filipina, and I absolutely love her Blue Bloods series!) and Cassandra Clare.

For the hop:

Book Blogger Hop

And the question for this week is: "What are your feelings on losing followers? Have you ever stopped following a blog?"

My answer: It's a bit sad when it happens, but I try not to think about it. When I first saw my follower count go down even by 1, I try to think of the reason why they stopped following me and maybe improving some aspects of the blog, but I'm fine with it now. This is how I blog, so if other people don't like it, I can't force them to follow me. Its their choice. :)

I haven't unfollowed any of those I've followed, but I might be doing so in the next few weeks. My Google reader has an overwhelming amount of updates I still have to check before I start unfollowing.

What's on our blog this week:

We had a chance to interview Allison van Diepen, author of the newly released The Oracle Rebounds, which is a sequel to the fantastic book, The Oracle of Dating. Click on the links to read our interview and reviews of her books!

Check out my review of Mara Purnhagen's Past Midnight. Thank you Harlequin for the copy!

And my very unusual review of Taken by Storm, where I declared my undying love for anything Angela Morrison makes and my failed attempt to make a poem.

Our Cover reveal post is here, where we featured Amy Plum's Die For me and Jesse Kirby's Moonglass!

Also, my post Teaser Tuesday and my WoW picks for this week are awesome!

Happy Friday, everyone! Please, feel free to leave a comment and share your answers or any other things you want to share! I promise to reply! :)


  1. I'm hoppin' through! I'd love to say I have started on my NaNo project, but that would be a lie. *forehead slap* Good luck on your NaNoWriMo project!

  2. Just hopping through! I'm a new follower and would love it if you would follow me back at ( I have never stopped following a blog thus far and some of my favorite authors right now are Elizabeth Kostova, Suzanne Collins, J.K. Rowling, Kelly Armstrong, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

    Have a great weekend:)

  3. I'm always a little bummed when I lose followers but make every effort to
    turn every lost follower into a learning experience so I can improve my

    On the flip side, I only stop following people when they give me a reason to
    such as being totally off message or being too controversial in an negative,
    over-the-top way.

    Happy Book Blogger Hop Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  4. Happy Blog Hop Friday!

    Love your site! I'm a new follower!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lisajo85 @ Once Upon A Chapter

  5. Hello,
    I'm making my rounds on the Blog Hop and Follow Friday too say hello and share the love. I really try to be a faithful follower that visits often. I hope you have a spectacular weekend and Happy Reading.

    I'm a new follower.

    Romance Book Junkies

  6. Hi,
    Just hopping by. You won 10 books?! I am jealous!

  7. I love your blog design!

    I get sad when my follower count goes down, but I have learned that sometimes it just happens. Luckily though, it doesn't happen much, but you just have fun with your blog. That's all that really matters. If you love it, other people will too. :)

    Hope you have an amazing weekend! New follower!


  8. Hi! I just clicked to follow you, I review books too, and I love, love, love all things YA :) As for favorite authors, can I be cheesy and say Stephenie Meyer, even though I know that's passe now. She's still the ya author who set the standard for absorbing paranormal romance for me, and I can read and reread her books and get enveloped every time!


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