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Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: Fractured: Happily Never After? 3 Tales

I've always admired authors who can re-invent fairytales we grew up reading. I love fairytales, especially the Disney Princesses. Little girls, at one point, dreamt of being swept off their feet by Prince Charming and taken to their castles in a faraway land, like I did.

It's very challenging to put a different spin into familiar stories we've come to love, and I have great respect for authors who can extend their imagination further and write about the same story in a different way, like Joanna did.

Title: Fractured: Happily Never After? 3 Tales
Author: Joanna Karaplis
Pages: 128
Release Date: November 1, 2010
Published by: McKellar & Martin Publishing Group, Ltd.
Source: From Publisher for review (thank you!)
Buy: Amazon | McKellar


Everyone knows a fairytale or two. They’re the kind of stories that seem to stick with you. Maybe it’s the magic. Maybe it’s the handsome prince. Or maybe they’re just the absolute perfect place to lose yourself for a little while.

But what would happen if Snow White were around today? Would Cinderella still need a fairy godmother? And would the Little Mermaid show up on YouTube?
Snow White and the Seven Dorks:

Yuki "Snow" White and her father moved to a small town following her mother's death. Trying to recover from losing her mother abruptly and adjusting to a new school, finding new friends, Yuki struggled with everything, never quite belonging in a school where everyone is either blonde and blue eyed or brunette, being half-Asian, Yuki found friendship with the geeks who spends almost all their time in the library. Yuki only wants to feel "normal" again, and she thought she was going to be when she caught the eye of the most popular guy in school, Jason. But is Jason really the Prince Charming Yuki was waiting for?

I felt like I was a bit off-track since I was trying to figure out who symbolizes which characters in the original Snow White story while reading this, but over-all I enjoyed it. Joanna was able to re-write the story and brought a fresh, modern twist to a classic tale. Although I was a bit confused with how it ended, maybe because of the additional "love angle" added before it ends, I enjoyed reading it nonetheless.


A gay fairy godmother, a teenage girl named Cindy who is addicted to a popular reality show and its main guy. Is this really a tale of Cinderella or not? It is! I wasn't expecting the fairy godmother to be like Matt, but having a fun, more perky gay bestfriend as your godmother is an interesting concept! Cyberella is a tale of a timeless Princess in a modern setting, complete with modern technology, blogs and chats.

This short story reminded me a lot of Selena Gomez' Cinderella Story. Short, sweet and fun, Cyberella is a version of a classic tale that teens would be able to relate to!

Swan Song:

Out of all three, this is my favorite, and probably the saddest one.

Adriana wants to sing, and she has the voice. If only she has the looks too. Obsessed with getting rid of her big nose, she was willing to go under the knife to get what she's lacking, sure that her ticket to fame is a change on her appearance. But would striving to look better bring the success and fame Adriana is seeking?

It's sad how Adriana felt like changing her face was the only way for her to achieve her dream. Her schoolmates sure aren't helping her change her mind. Looking deeper into the story, Swan Song is not just a re-invention of the Little Mermaid (in fact, I think its also part "The Ugly Duckling" but with a sadder ending) but tackles important issues as well. Bullying, for one. Loving yourself, being comfortable with who you are, what you look like and appreciating what God has given you.

Teens will learn a lot in this short but very insightful read. Of all three, this, for me, is the story with most substance, and will teach a lot to teens who will read it.

Overall, the book is a good read. It lived up to the pitch of being "Happily Never After", and is a worthwhile read for everyone who wants to sit down and browse through a good collection of fairytale retellings!

My rating:

Content (plot, story flow, character):

Shining: Worthy of a Goddess' Love!

Book Cover:

The cover definitely gave off the fantasy and magical vibe one would usually think when it comes to fairytales, like a fairy princess frozen into place, making you wonder if her story will end up being happily ever after or not.

Yes - The Goddess Approves!


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