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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 12: Brenda Pandos Interview + Giveaway

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! It's almost two hours into Christmas here on my side of the world, and we're all busy partying and opening gifts! I just got a beautiful silver bookmark from my sister with my name engraved on it. I'm so touched!

Today is the last day we're featuring authors and their books for our Countdown. To all the authors who participated, we love you all! You don't know how much you've all helped us! This event wouldn't be possible without you! Continue to write awesome books! :)

Please welcome Brenda Pandos on our blog!

Brenda is the author of the debut novel, The Emerald Talisman which was released March 23, 2010.

The sequel, The Sapphire Talisman, has been released December 15th!


What or who inspired you to write The Emerald Talisman? Why?

Lemons in my life inspired The Emerald Talisman. My youngest was diagnosed with an austic disorder and life changed drastically. I needed something of my own, so I wrote. My readers inspired The Sapphire Talisman and their enthusiasm made me want to finish as quickly as possible.

What lessons will readers pick up from your books? (for book 1 and book 2)

There's great value in being kind, telling the truth, and choosing to do the right thing.

Why do you write for teens?

I like writing about that time of life. It's passionate, exciting and young/first love is always a great story to tell.

How do you prepare for Christmas?

I start by saving money for gifts early. Then after Thanksgiving, we decorate the house with lights, inside with decorations and get a Christmas tree. I really enjoy the music of the holiday too. We tell our kids the Christmas story and do the advent with candles to count down Jesus' birthday. On Christmas Eve, we go to church then come home and the adults open gifts. Christmas morning is all about the kids. After, we have a big meal as a family. I love Christmas.

As an author/writer, are you doing something special this Christmas?

Birthing a book December 15th is something I've never done around Christmas before. I'm glad because I hope my book will available in time to be under the tree for happy readers!

Does your family have a Christmas tradition?

Our parents get us (my 3 siblings and I) an ornament that represents something we've done the past year. It's always fun to see what clever things my mom finds. Hanging past ornaments helps me reminisce the years past. The girls all get pajamas and wear them Christmas eve night and we'll all watch a movie or play games together.

Do you take advantage of the Christmas vacation and write?

Being a stay-at-home mom doesn't give me any vacations. I do get a sitter on a regular basis and my husband will be home some of the time, so I'm sure I'll have a little extra time to write.

As a writer, do you think it would be better to gift books for Christmas? why? Have you ever done this before?

I think books make great gifts. If I know someone really wants a particular book or has a thing for a certain genre, I'd pick them up a copy for sure. I've also received them in the past and have been mighty grateful.

If you were to gift one book to any person, what book would it be?

I'd gift Mockingjay to my babysitter because she devoured the first two books and would love to read the third.


Wonderful interview, don't you think? I'd give the Hunger Games trilogy to everyone I knew who loves to read. It's an awesome series that everyone should read! Thanks Brenda for gracing our blog with your presence this Christmas eve!


Consider this as a treat for Christmas eve. Brenda is giving away a copy of THE SAPPHIRE TALISMAN. Yes, the sequel! Don't miss this chance to win an awesome book!

Contest Rules:

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Ends on January 1, 2011.

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  12. The author never really described what the books were about, I wasn't sure if I wanted to read the books and nothing in the interview changed my mind.
    I liked her answer to the lessons question, and it has made me a little more intrigued, just not enough to change my mind.



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