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Friday, February 4, 2011

Contest & Blog Updates ala Kai

Hi lovely readers!

You do remember this contest, right?

First, I just finished reading Precious' post about this and I feel like I have to update you too. I'm a bit swamped with work and it's a Friday here, so I'm good as dead today. But! I'll be getting around counting entries later tonight. THERE ARE A LOT OF ENTRIES. And I still have to sort out which ones would qualify for the International & which ones for the Philippine winners. So long story short, please wait a bit longer and we'll try to announce the winners as soon as we can! *gives everyone a big hug*

Second, I am STUCK. I think I've been complaining about this all week but I've only finished one book and that's it. I haven't written any reviews. Any suggestions to get out of this slump? It'll be greatly appreciated! The postman and me are on friendly terms this week, so my packages are arriving safely. :) It's a good book week but my TBR pile is eating me alive. LOL

Lastly, I just want to tell you guys to head over to Precious's blog, Fragments of Life and wish her a happy blogoversary!~ It's a bit late, but she's a great girl and she deserves to be showered love (and her blog!) for their special day!

Happy Friday! I'll try to post a review later of Flipped, a really cute book I've finished reading (thank you Tina for loaning the Kindle e-book!) Has any of you seen the movie?


I'm out for now!


  1. Sucks to hear that you're overwhelmed. Ideas to get out of slump:
    1 - Don't read a review book, just pick up one that you want to read for you and you won't feel like you HAVE to post a review for. It'll hopefully help you just enjoy the reading rather than worrying about the review and all the other reviews you have to write as well.
    2 - Don't read anything at all. You said you're swamped with work. Rather than read to relax (because those review books might be stressing you out, too), watch a TV show that you really like. Either catch up on episodes you've missed, or watch old ones that you love.
    3 - Have a bath! I love having baths when I'm stressed out and just need some me time. They totally relax me.
    I think the basic idea is that, if you're overwhelmed, take a step back and take time for you. Just relax. I think it'll help.

    It's not Friday here, yet, but happy Friday to you! I hope you get out of this slump soon :D

    Pam from At Home Between the Pages

  2. Hello, dears! I'm a new follower, and I think your blog is just too adorable and you both seem so sweet and lovely. Book slumps are the worst, aren't they? It's always awful when something you love to do starts to feel like a chore! I've learned that you can't really rush these kind of things. Don't push yourself too hard. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so maybe all you and your books need is a little time apart. Not a divorce, but a separation! I also find that revisiting an old favourite helps jar me out of a slump. I think everyone has a book that they love so well that they've reread it millions of times and still adore it. Reading something comfortable that you don't have to focus on so much might help. Anyway, I'm happy to be following you and hope I can get to know you both better. Good luck de-slumping!


  3. Thanks for the mention! *hugs*

    There are lots of entries! Let's get this counting started! :)

    Oh and for the 'slump' state, I suggest that you move away from anything book related for a while, say...3-5hours? Do something else. And it shouldn't be review related. Eat. Go shopping (there's a huge sale today.) Hangout. Then after that, get back to your unwritten review and try again. The rest really helps for me. If I can't write a review, I don't force myself. I take a break and get back to it later!
    Hope that helps!


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