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Saturday, May 21, 2011

[Dystopian Domination] Day 10: Ashes Ashes by Jo Treggiari (Lucy's Interview + Giveaway!)

Hey everyone!

We're nearing the end of this GREAT event. I'm having so much fun posting and sharing with you some awesome books from awesome authors!

You think you've seen all there is to see? Nope! The 2nd wave of our Dystopian Domination even starts with a character interview with Lucy, the protagonist in Jo Treggiari's novel, Ashes, Ashes, to be released by Scholastic on June 1st.


Hi Lucy, I'm not sure I should be asking this, but, how is it like living after the world has fallen apart? How is the world after the destruction? 

* It's a different world. Unrecognizable really. Sometimes I look out at the city scape and think it looks like a bunch of blocks some angry toddler has knocked down. And living is hard. There's danger everywhere: wild animals, the scavengers, the S'ans who are infected with the plague, and worst of all, the Sweepers- no one knows what they're doing but people disappear all the time. I try and stay away from people. I don't trust most of them anymore.

Chaos is everywhere, how did you manage to survive alone?

*Luck, mostly. Before this I never even went camping- too many mosquitoes and nature. Mosquitoes are the least of my worries now. I hide and try and stay aware of my surroundings. My home is built from living trees and almost invisible if you don't know where to look. One of my most valuable possessions is this old survival book I found. It taught me a lot about making shelter and what kinds of plants and animals I can eat. Before I found it, I was starving to death. Now at least I know that I can eat newts even if they are disgusting! Being alone is hard but it's better too. I don't have to worry about being robbed or kidnapped or worse. I only have to look out for me.

June 1st, 2011 by Scholastic

Has being part of a group somehow made life easier for you? You seem like a strong girl, so what made you decide to join Aidan and his band after being on your own?

*I wasn't going to stay with the scavengers to be honest but after my camp was destroyed--sorry, I still can't talk about that. And then the Sweepers came and I couldn't just stand there and not warn them. After that things got complicated. I had to stick around to try and make things right. Part of me though still wants to leave. It was easier when it was just me, and I could make the decisions that I needed to without thinking about a bunch of other people. I know that sounds selfish, but that's how it is now.

Any ideas why the Sweepers are after you? It must be hell having them tracking your every move.

*I have no idea. I mean, there's nothing special about me at all. They scare me though and there's nothing we can do to stop them. I'm starting to wonder if just by being here I'm making things even more dangerous for Aidan and the others. You know- if it's really me they're looking for.

What's the one sacrifice you'll make to stay alive?

*Sometimes I wonder if I would make decision to save my own skin even if it meant someone else was captured or died. I don't know. I hope I would be brave but lately everything is so unsettled and dangerous, I feel like I'm being watched, hunted.

I guess I would sacrifice being with other people to stay safe.

How is life with Aidan? He seems like a reliable, sweet guy, and guys like him are a keeper, but in the current state of the world, have you think of what the future will be, have you dared dream and think of what's in store for you then with him by your side?

*He's annoying and wonderful and irritating and stubborn as hell. Half the time I want to kiss him, the other half of the time I want to kill him. I'm still sort of mixed up about how I feel about him but then he'll smile that crooked smile and I just...

I just want us to be safe. If I try to think beyond the next day or two, I start to freak out. We spend so much time hunting, growing food, maintaining the camp, patrolling, we don't have the luxury to look too far into the future. I guess, I'm happy just to be able to spend time with him- at least when I'm not thinking about punching him in the face.

Thank you so much for the time. I wish you guys good luck, and I admire you all for the courage and the strength you have.

*Thank you. Be strong!


Jo Treggiari was born in London, England but grew up in Canada, Roccasinibalda, Italy and California.

Her first book, a middle-grade fantasy THE CURIOUS MISADVENTURES OF FELTUS OVALTON, came out in 2006. Her post-apocalyptic adventure ASHES, ASHES will be published June 1, 2011 by Scholastic Press. She has just finished a punk rock YA - FIERCE and is working on an urban fantasy, BRINY DEEP.


We are giving away a SIGNED, HARDCOVER of Jo's novel, ASHES ASHES to one lucky reader!


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  1. This really is a super awesome feature you are doing. I will have to look through later posts that all deal with Dystopian Domination! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I love character interviews and this one in particular was awesome. I really got an insight to how the character is before I even get to read the book!
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