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Monday, May 30, 2011

Filipino Book Bloggers Meet-up!

So you have read about Precious from Fragments of Life and yours truly's meet up a few weeks ago? Recently, we were supposed to be meeting up with Mia from Girl About Books, but we've been busy so we had to re-schedule.

And now, what started as a meet-up of three (four people, including Marrion of Palm Books Journal) is a full blown meet-up! We were planning on inviting a few more Filipino bloggers we know, and the response we got were just overwhelming that we feel we should have it organized.

What: Filipino Book Bloggers Meet-up
When: June 18, 2011, 12 noon
Where: McDonalds, SM North EDSA

Do we really need to have a reason for meeting up? It's a day of meeting fellow readers/book bloggers and just sharing our love for books with each other! Ranting about fictional hotties and giving book recommendations, it's going to be a fun day!


If you are a Filipino and you love books, you can join us! You don't really need to be a blogger, but most of us coming do blog! If you're going, you can ask us about anything blog-related, or just talk about the books you love all day!

I will be bringing a few books I can lend to anyone who is interested. Don't forget to bring something bookish with you too! If you have other books you want to lend, or SWAG to give away, bring them! There really is no program or a planned set of activities, but if you want to do something other than talk, feel free to send your suggestions my way and we'll see what we can do!

If you are interested to join, leave a comment in this post and some way for me to contact you, in case there are a change of plans.


Meet-up Q&A:

Am I required to bring books to join the meet-up?

No, absolutely not! Just bring yourself and be prepared to spend hours talking about books! If you don't have anything to bring, that's okay! Just dedicate a bit of your time with us and that's more than enough!

Do I need to be a seasoned blogger to join?

No! You don't even need to be a book blogger to join! It doesn't matter if you have just started a blog or has been blogging for years! We're all book lovers here, so there's no blogging requirement needed! Everyone is welcome to join!

What are the books available for borrowing?

I will try posting a list, so if you have books you want to lend, do tell me so I can include them to the list I am making!

So what are we going to do?

The only agenda we have is to talk about books, maybe eat lunch together or go to Starbucks, get a cup of coffee, talk about books some more (and blogging)! We will also be lending and borrowing books from other bloggers (some sort of swap) so if you are interested to participate, go ahead!


  1. me likey! have some books for lending :) email me at

  2. Yay! So excited for this :)

  3. I totally want go! This would be my first meet-up.
    But to get this off my chest, I'm kinda nervous about it cause I still consider myself new the whole book blogging thing (but I love it) and I'm probably the youngest of the Filipino book bloggers (well, I don't know anyone else).
    Well now, that's out of the way. YAY I'm so excited! :D My email's or

  4. oh my! i really wanna come! i'm a newbie in blogging also... hope my schedule will cooperate with me. *pretty please* :)


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