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Monday, May 16, 2011


For those of you who've been following my blog for quite some time, you've probably seen my constant complaining about my lack of bookshelf. Yes? I'm annoying, right? No? Well I've been ranting and complaining for months now. I use the bottom part of my closet and the top shelf of my mom's dresser as my bookshelves. How sad is that?

The cupboard! From my mom's dresser.

Over the last few months, I've received quite a number of review books and those I've won from contests, and it already came to a point where I had to find a way to have all of the books stored in one place. A proper place. Not in a closet. Not in a dresser either.

So I headed out yesterday, hellbent on finding a new bookshelf. But alas, I didn't find the one which I want to actually put my books on. So what did I ended up getting? A study table. With shelves. So I hauled off my books from my "shelves" and dumped them all on the table to start sorting them out. The mess looked like this:

Can you see my copy of New Moon? No? Don't bother. XD

There were more on the floor but I didn't bother taking pics because I got into arranging all of them the moment I grabbed the chair and sat in front of my books. But then I wondered, how will I arrange them? By title? By author name? By height? By color? By series? So I did the only thing I could think of. Ask people on Twitter. I did get responses from 3 friends, it's just that one was suggesting I arrange it by size, the other wants me to arrange it by series, and the other by publisher or published date, which just made me all the more confused. What did I do, you ask? This:

2010 books: There's more around the back!

TBR 1: See my copy of Across the Universe?
All books I've received the past year and those I've read are on the "closet" side of the study table, and all the books I need to read and for review are the ones I see on the table itself. So I know which ones I need to read ASAP! And there are tons, I tell you.

TBR 2: 2nd & 3rd shelf are books for review! (see 2 Divergent?)

I see you've seen my Black Dagger Brotherhood and Midnight Breed collections. Yep, before YA, those two series are my guilty pleasure. Who's your favorite characters? Me? Wrath & Z from BDB and Tegan from MB. Oh, and some of my Jpop/Jrock/Kpop CDs are there too. Wait, I digress!

So long story short, I re-arranged my books my way. :) I think it turned out better than I expected, though I still need to think how I can arrange it so I can see ALL of the books I have. I might re-arrange the ones in the side closet.

From the mess up there, in the end, it looks like this:

Organized shelves. I'm in love!

So what do you think? I have a feeling I'll be re-arranging everything this week again when some of the books I am waiting for comes. *sigh* I might need to buy a new shelf if this continues!

(Hey wait, I think I just gave you guys a tour of my shelves! Wow!)


  1. Hi Kai! and I have been doing that for the past 3 days! But we've come to a solution. We're going to have my bookshelf personalized! It's currently being worked on but it's gonna take 3 weeks. But it'll be around my height so that's great!

    I'm glad you improvised! :) Good thinking! Your shelves are holding very luscious books. ;) Happy reading!

  2. You survived! You weren't buried underneath the mountain of books, phew. You live again another day to read all these awesome books :D I'm glad you managed to figure out a system that works for you. Well... until your next postage haul when you'll have no room left :P

  3. Wow, seeing all those awesome books makes me envious. Anyway you did well on arranging your books!

  4. Well done on finding a desk with so many shelf space! It all looks very nice and organised Kai! I bet you feel a lot better for than now!

    Though I can't help but wonder... Where are you going to put any new books you get?? There doesn't seem to be enough space!

    Happy reading! :)

  5. I kinda jealous with all of your collections. You have tons of books.

    So when will you start reading the book that you have opened since 2008? XD


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