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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review: Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby

From the top of my head, the three words I can think of for this novel are:

Cute, funny and entertaining!

If you want to take a break from reading a heavy-themed book, then Fairy Bad Day will do the trick for you.

Title: Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby
Pages: 352
Release Date: June 9th 2011
Published by: Speak
Source: Borrowed
Buy: Amazon | Book Depository

Summary (from Goodreads):

While most students at Burtonwood Academy get to kill demons and goblins, fifteen-year-old Emma gets to rid the world of little annoying fairies with glittery wings and a hipster fashion sense. She was destined to be a dragon slayer, but cute and charming Curtis stole her spot. Then she sees a giant killer fairyland it's invisible to everyone but her! If Emma has any chance of stopping this evil fairy, she's going to need help. Unfortunately, the only person who can help is Curtis. And now, not only has he stolen her dragon-slayer spot, but maybe her heart as well! Why does she think it's going to be a fairy bad day?

Emma just wants to be a dragon slayer like her mom. And why not when she's one of the best students Burtonwood Academy has? Everyone expects her to be a dragon slayer! But Emma's dreams came crashing down when she was designated as a fairy slayer instead, while Curtis, a boy who she think hasn't worked as hard as she does, stole her spot. Who kills fairies anyway? They're 10 inches tall and they hate sour skittles. Emma wanted to prove that she's worthy of the dragon slayer spot and she was determined not to like Curtis. But what happens when she finds herself being the girl who cried invisible dragons and she suddenly falls for Curtis? Worse was, she was the only one who can see a powerful Fairie who can't be killed.

Emma is one stubborn girl. She had this single minded goal that she needs to be just like her mom, a dragon slayer, that she didn't know how much her antics are backfiring at her. And it's hilarious how she does it. She's persistent, but she does her job pretty well. But she was meant to fulfill a bigger purpose, and if "sight blind" people think it's weird for people like Emma to fight things they cannot see, it's a whole lot outrageous for Emma to fight the one creature only she can see. With the help of Tyler, a good friend with questionable but definitely useful connections and Loni, the girl electronics genius, Emma was able to prove once and for all that she's worthy to become a slayer.

Curtis is your regular boy next door, except he slays dragons, and he keeps a secret from Emma. He's so typical, he'd be completely normal if he's not in Burtonwood. There is nothing stand-offish about him, but he's still adorable. If Emma think he's lucky to get her spot, she's mistaken. But Curtis will never tell her that.

Fairy Bad Day is overflowing with amusing moments you'd love. You will love the faeries! They're the same playful, mischievous kind, and they're only 10 inches tall! Their downfall? Skittles and nail files. Though this book mainly deals with the supernatural, it also tackles the problems Emma faces as a teenager. Her father remarrying, her impending older sisterhood and a stepmother she feels was there solely to replace her birth mother who she greatly loves. Fairy Bad Day is more than just a bunch of laughter, it also has the occasional drama to keep the readers a lot more entertained.

Amanda Ashby's Fairy Bad Day is rib-tickling and mirthful, but also touches the heart in the right moments. Sure it might be about demons, zombies, faeries, Sir Francis and the Gate of Linaria, but it's also about a girl who has a dream of becoming the best she can be. Filled with light hearted moments about friendship, first loves, wards, invisible faeries and lethal sweet treats, Fairy Bad Day is worth a read if you're in need of cheering up.

My rating

Content (plot, story flow, character):

Okay: Liked, but The Goddess demands more!

Book Cover:
Not really a fan of the cover, but it conveys the main idea of the novel pretty well.


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