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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: Sometimes It Happens by Lauren Barnholdt

I still have mixed feelings over this. As someone who can relate to the theme of this book very well, I am on the fence with a lot of things about it. But make no mistake about it, Lauren Barnholdt wrote a nice book.

Title: Sometimes It Happens by Lauren Barnholdt
Pages: 320
Release Date: July 12th 2011
Published by: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Source: Publisher (thanks Amy!)
Buy: Amazon | Book Depository

Summary (from Goodreads):

On the last day of her junior year, Hannah's boyfriend Sebastian dumped her. Facing a summer of loneliness, Hannah turns to her best friend Ava for comfort. Ava does what BFFs do: she stays by Hannah's side...until it's time for Ava to head up to Maine for the summer. Also left behind is Ava's boyfriend, Noah, who's such a great guy he gets Hannah a job at the diner he waits tables at. Slowly, Hannah comes out of her funk thanks to Noah's good conversation and their fun times at the diner. But things get complicated when their friendship turns into attraction—and one night, into a passionate kiss. The novel opens on the first day of senior year; the day Hannah is going to see Ava, Sebastian, and Noah all in one place. Over the course of the day secrets and betrayals are revealed, and alliances are broken and reformed. In the end, everyone is paired up once again, but not the way you might think...

It's like Gossip Girl in a smaller scale. What's the book all about? Cheating, betrayal, and friendship.

Told in alternating timelines, during summer vacation and the first day of school, Sometimes It Happens opens up on the day Hannah dreaded the most: First day of Senior Year. A lot of things had happened over the summer break, and nothing is as it seems anymore. She broke up with Sebastian and was supposed to spend the entire summer forgetting him. But her best friend, Ava went to Maine to be a camp counselor, leaving Hannah alone with Ava's boyfriend, Noah. What do you think happened? Sure, Hannah moved on, but not without creating trouble in the form of sleeping with the one person she shouldn't. Noah, her best friend Ava's boyfriend.

Let me just say that cheating is never right. No matter what the circumstance or the reason may be, it is not an excuse to betray a person, even if she happens to be a crappy friend like Ava was to Hannah. It's a wonder how Ava and Hannah became friends in the first place. Ava is this sassy teen who seems adventurous enough, more confident than Hannah ever was. Hannah is always the one hiding behind Ava's shadow.

Sympathy was mostly what I felt for the characters in the story. Mostly flawed, but not hard to sympathize with, especially Hannah. Hannah is going through a tough break up and she was left all alone. Ava is the one person she looks up to and rely on. It's what happens when one drifts away from the other and the other has had more time to think about things in her life. Instead of Ava being there, Noah was. And like it was supposed to be, the more they spent time together, feelings developed, and before they knew it Noah and Hannah crossed the line, broken the girl code. Now Hannah had to face a day where everything was let out into the open and she had to suffer the consequences of all that she had done. Was it worth it? Forgive me, but I felt happy seeing her get what she deserves. At least she regretted what she did.

Somehow the story which was so wrong became right in the end. Maybe whatever happened to Ava, Hannah, Noah, Sebastian were meant to happen, that it's only a matter of time. Hannah and Ava's friendships weren't as perfect as it is, cracks started appearing and it resulted into the end of their friendship. Absence may not have made the heart grow fonder, but spending long days with each other can do wonders for two people, especially when they've been there for each other when they need company the most.

I still give kudos to Lauren for writing such real and witty characters. They may not be agreeable, but they have flashes of hilariousness, snarkiness and all the classic high school reactions and drama that can only be experienced during that time. There were tension filled scenes and romantic moments, elements that always make contemporary novels such great reads.

I have reservations over the plot, but maybe that's just me. I might be getting some satisfaction over not giving any happy endings for people who doesn't deserve them. Despite all of that, Sometimes It Happens is a quick read through heart breaks, sex and relationships. It reminds us how complicated and intense high school can be. Relationships get broken, friendships with unlikely people are formed, and drama ensues. Lauren Barnholdt's book teaches us that sometimes, maybe sorry isn't enough. Maybe what's ruined can't be brought back to the way it was before, but it can be repaired, somehow. Hopefully.

If you are looking for a perfect quick summer read, you should pick up this one!

My rating

Content (plot, story flow, character):

Okay: Liked, but The Goddess demands more!

Book Cover:
I loved it!

I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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