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Saturday, January 14, 2012

[Touch of Power Blog Tour] Interview w/ Maria Snyder + Win an iPad!

Today is the fifth day for the Touch of Power blog tour and I am sharing with you a few awesome things!

Have you seen the animated cover for this book? No? Here's your chance!

Pretty, huh?

As part of the blog tour, I was lucky enough to have the chance to ask Maria a few questions about Touch of Power. Are you curious to know what it is? Check it out below:

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What's the perfect quote (from the book) that describes Touch of Power?

This is the hardest question I’ve ever been asked! After some rumination, I think this one sums the book up nicely: “The heart is a strange beast and not ruled by logic.” And I also liked this one, too: “Nice Kerrick was scarier than Mean Kerrick.”

I noticed how detailed the setting was for Touch of Power. How do you prepare to write and create such a vast world? How much research did you put into it?

I don’t do a ton of upfront research or planning. I prefer to focus on the characters and their goals and problems and then fill in the blanks with research. However, with Touch of Power, I needed to have a map right away since my characters travel all over. I wrote a blog that explained how I developed the map in the book in detail and even has graphics! Here’s the link:

Where did you get the idea/inspiration for writing Touch of Power?

I had this vague idea about a healer or an apprentice healer during an epidemic. She was either going to be sought after for her powers – like everyone wanting her, or be hunted. I wasn’t sure. Then one night my daughter couldn’t sleep and she wanted me to tell her a story. She knew all my other books, so I started telling her about this healer. And every night, she’d ask, “What’s next?” That’s why Touch of Power is dedicated to my daughter.

Is Touch of Power meant to be a YA novel or a crossover?

When I write, I’m not thinking about the age of my reader, but on telling an exciting story filled with, hopefully, engaging characters. However, it seems my style appeals to both YAs and adults. I’ve gotten emails from readers as young as 9 and as old as 92. It’s interesting that my US publisher designates the book as adult and both the UK and Australia have marketed them as YA.

Who's the most difficult character to write in the book and why?

Tohon was difficult to pin down. I knew he would be the antagonist, but his motivations and actions had to make sense and seem perfectly reasonable to him. In the first draft he was rather flat, but after comments from my editor and critique partner, I dug deep into his subconscious and now I think he’s rather creepy.

If you possess the same powers as Avry, would you consider it a gift or a curse? How would you use it?

I’d consider it a gift as long as no one knew about it. If you think about it, those powers would be sought after by so many suffering people. Our house would be mobbed and I wouldn’t have time to write or be with my family. And I’d be in pain or sick most of the time (I avoided this problem in the book since healers in Touch of Power are considered criminals). Then the power would be a curse. But if I could go incognito, I’d heal any family and friends first and then make trips to my local hospitals, starting with paediatrics.

Anything new we should look forward to from you in the coming months?

I have a couple short stories coming out this year. I’ve a YA dystopian love story (yes, you read that right!) titled Berserker Eyes in the anthology Brave New Love, edited by Paula Guran and being released on 14 February 2012. And another short story titled, Capturing Images in the Bloody Fabulous anthology, edited by Ekaterina Sedia coming out in the fall of 2012.


And you might want to check out the Touch of Power book trailer that the folks over at Movie Book made. If you were impressed with the animated cover, then you will love this one, which they also made!


Create a video review of A Touch of Power and be in with a chance of winning an iPad!

Maria V. Snyder has teamed up with top teen mag Mizz to give you the chance to win an iPad and be the official book review for MizzMag TV to boot! All you need to do to enter is make a video review of A Touch of Power. MIRA Ink is giving away free review copies to the first 50 people who get in touch, so visit facebook/MIRAInk for more details on how to get involved! Also, check out Mizz Mag TV at for an exclusive video of Maria talking about her new Healer series!


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