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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Most memorable signing ever: Lauren Oliver in Manila!

If you haven't read it yet, I blogged about my AMAZING lunch date with Lauren Oliver here. You might want to read that first before you start reading this one.

After the lunch date, Precious and I still had a few of our books left unsigned. So after leaving the restaurant with our tummies full of food and our hearts and minds filled with memories of that glorious two hours of our book blogging lives we proceeded to Powerbooks where the official book signing will take place.

Woah, tons of people!
Even if this was my first signing, I wasn't really surprised by the amount of people already waiting for it to start. It's Lauren Oliver, come on! Since we arrived around 2:30, our numbers were at the 80+, I know we'd have to wait quite a while to get our books signed. But you know what? The wait was all worth it.

Introductions are in order!
Yep, Lauren was already there.
And then the interview started, which was one of my most favorite parts of the book signing. Hearing Lauren talk about how she was able to come up with the idea for Delirium and Pandemonium and where she got her inspirations in writing was really interesting. It gives us readers the big picture on how authors go through their writing process, plus it was nice to know more about the books we read.

Lauren talking about her books.

My most favorite shot of hers. Had to include it in the post!
The Q&A portion was also an interesting part of the signing. As an aspiring writer, I learned a lot from what she said. Three of my most favorite lines from the short but definitely informative Q&A part of the signing:

"Write as much as you can until it becomes a habit."
"You can't be a good writer if you're not a good reader."
"If you cannot be inspired by the world you live in, then you are not paying attention."

Hearing words like this from such a great author makes me more determined to give more attention to my writing. I loved hearing Lauren share her insights about the world we live in and what's happening in the world right now, and how certain things in her novels are actually happening today. Also, knowing her tastes in books! And the best part? Sharing new information about her upcoming books! This is what I heard from the signing:

- Requiem, the third book in the series, comes out March 2013.
- Requiem will be told in two points of view. One is Lena, and the other is still a mystery to all of us. (She won't tell!)
- Lauren is writing a new book. Its YA realistic fiction. When asked to described what it's about, it's like "Before I Fall on the wrong side of the tracks.". I think the book is called 'Panic'.
- Film rights for Delirium has been sold, and Justin Bieber will NEVER play Alex. Whew~

And then the signing starts.

Numbers 1 - 30 being called out!
Lauren even had a few interviews in the middle of the signing! The local media is also covering the event, so I'm expecting to see features and footages from the signing on our TV screens soon!

Precious and I got number 81 and 82 so we were on the third batch. So while waiting in line, we meet a few more Filipino book bloggers and spend some of the time chatting with Dea from Teen Readers' Diary. So by the time we saw Lauren again, her hand was about to fall off from signing tons of books from the fans!

Precious getting her books signed.

Can't remove that goofy smile off my face!
I tried asking Lauren to try Balut again, to which she said "no, you can't fool me!". I love how she was still able to exchange jokes with the fans and be as outgoing as ever even if she's been signing nonstop for two hours. And there were still around 50 people waiting in line after us!

All of these babies are now signed!

I even had Tina's (One More Page) copy signed!
What a day! Precious and I got home a little earlier than expected, but I wouldn't trade those five glorious hours of my life for anything! It was definitely a day to remember! Lauren is such a nice, funny, outgoing author and I can't wait to meet her again soon! Again, thanks to National Book Store for holding such a nice event and can you please bring Cassie Clare here next? Please?


  1. I met Lauren last year and I thought it was an awesome signing too. I've been to quite a few, but we had a small group so she was able to take time and answer questions. She gave a lot of writing advice.

  2. Wow! What a great and memorable experience!


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