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Monday, May 14, 2012

Bookmooch, anyone?

A few days ago, I was at the appliance store and I was contemplating of buying a new bookshelf. My mom felt sorry for the state the one I bought around 3 months ago is since books are virtually falling out of it. But then I realized I'm broke (since I was going on a trip soon) so instead of buying a new shelf? Yep, you guessed it right, I'm freeing some space.

I figured I can give some of my books away, and I will. The most recent ones I got are going to be reserved for contest. And the others? Well I found a good way of giving these books a new home.

Introducing: BookMooch

So if you've heard of Paperback Swap and the Goodreads Swap groups (both catering to US peeps), I'm sure you'll know how BookMooch works. You add books to your inventory and if people want it, they ask you to send it to them in exchange for points. Accumulate enough points and ask back for books. It's like trading books made easy! Oh, and did I mention you can set if you can send the books locally or anywhere in the world? Easy, right?

Check out my inventory below:

I'm a newbie myself as I've only started putting books in my inventory and I've sent my first book out today so we'll see how this goes. Check out the books on my inventory and feel free to mooch something! I am currently building up points (so I can mooch back) and I've only ever sent books within the country but feel free to ask for a book and I'll see if I can send it overseas!

If you're on BookMooch, leave links to your profile or inventories, or better yet add me as a friend there! I'm still pretty new to this, but I am so excited to exchange books with people. At least I'm sure my books will have a good home.


  1. I've been on bookmooch for a little while, but haven't gotten around to actually doing any swapping yet.

  2. I honestly can't understand this whole thing.
    So..let's say I want a book from you but I don't have an account in Bookmooch or any interest in signing up--can I still get the book?
    Or is it like the usual trading? I'll get a book from you and you'll get from me?

  3. I was on Bookmooch for a while but eventually closed it - lots of people took my books but I could do nothing with my points - all the 'good' books i.e. ones that weren't from the 80's were non-existent and when they were added someone would snap them up within 5 minutes of them being listed. I prefer to use ReadItSwapIt, which is just for UK readers, as I have more control there - I only swap if the person that wants my book has a book I like. And I can request books too! I got Anna Dressed in Blood yesterday. :D

    =^.^= ComaCalm's Corner =^.^=

  4. I absolutely loved BookMooch the five years I've been using it! Sometimes I do have problems finding books I want, but generally just about anything will turn up if you wait long enough. :) Unfortunately, I'll be closing my account soon - my inventory is running low and I'll be moving and going off to college soon.

  5. It sounds like a great way to give your books a new home. Luckily, I still have some space for my books, but I do hope that you get to sent a lot of books in order to receive points :)


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