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Friday, June 1, 2012

Review: First Date by Krista McGee

It's The Bachelor remade to become a sweet, light and fluffy novel. So you want to be that girl who got a prom date with the son of The President? Let Addy tell you just how it is.

Title: First Date by Krista McGee
Pages: 336
Release Date: January 10th 2012
Published by: Thomas Nelson
Source: Book Sneeze
Buy: Amazon | Book Depository


Addy Davidson discovers God's unexpected plans for her life when a reality TV show turns her quiet existence on its head.

The orphaned daughter of missionaries, Addy is quite content to stay in the shadows and never draw attention to herself. But when she's selected for a reality TV show to try to become the President son's prom date-a show she didn't audition for-she's suddenly in America's spotlight.

The lights, the make-up, the competitions, and the blogs discussing every move she makes all make Addy incredibly uncomfortable. But through her time at The Mansion, Addy comes to realize that first impressions aren't always right, that hiding out may not be what God had planned for her life, and that her faith should affect everything she does. It may just be that her selection wasn't random at all and that she's on this show "for such a time as this."

All that Addy wants is to graduate and get into an Ivy League school, to make her missionary parents proud. And unlike all the other teenage girls across America, she doesn't want to be a part of a reality show where girls had to compete for the attention of one boy. Imagine her reaction when she found out she was selected to represent her school. Expecting to be eliminated in the early stages of the show, Addy became the underdog. Her attempts at making the world know how much she doesn't want to stay makes her popular instead, the underdog, real. And all of a sudden she was catching the eye of Jonathon, the presidential son. And suddenly Addy is having second thoughts if Jonathon wasn't worth fighting for.

Like everyone else in the story, I thought Addy was too good to be true. Who would refuse a chance of a lifetime? But as I read on, I came to understand Addy. Just because she doesn't want to be part of a show where everything is staged doesn't mean it's a scheme for her to actually win. Addy just wants to be real, and she's being practical. Why spend time in a reality show when she can be studying to be a step closer to the dream her parents have for her? But Addy is not a doormat, and even if she was reluctant at first, Addy found out how she can use her strengths and wits to be a part of the show, and have fun in it. Addy took on the challenges to her faith and her personal life head on, and I admire her for that. She's not judgmental, and even though she was afraid, she was able to be honest, come clean with her beliefs and share it to everyone who matters to her.

You know how in a story, there's always a friend who makes everything better? Kara is that person. She was in the competition with Addy but she turned out to be her confidant and best friend than becoming a rival. With her sense of humor, great family and a big, understanding heart, Kara is someone you wish was on your side. She can be a great friend, but she can also be a scary foe. Amidst the sea of girls who were trying too hard, Kara was the bright spot, Addy's anchor through the tough times in the show. Fierce and loving!

I was curious with Jonathon's behavior as a presidential son. How do first sons behave? His attitude surprised me as well. I was prepared to find a spoiled brat, but instead I found a good son. He was as too good to be true like Addy at first, but as a first son, he was mature for his age. There were times where I felt he was just like a big brother to everyone, but not to Addy. I found myself desperately wishing for more romantic scenes between him and Addy, but they bonded over the simplest things. Maybe sometimes characters need to grow to like each other through communication, and even without a stolen kiss, a hug here and there, Jonathon and Abby's personalities just blended well with each other.

I wasn't expecting this book to be as sweet and cute as it did. There was barely a kiss, or any intimate physical contact that will make butterflies fly inside my tummy but all the same, this book is romantic. I don't know how Krista did it. For a YA Christian fiction book, this book is not preachy. The part that touched me the most was Addy's connection to her parents through her faith. Religion is a big factor in this book, but it's not something forced to the readers. You will love the vibrant characters in the book. It did felt like I was watching a reality dating show for teens!

My rating

Content (plot, story flow, character):
Very wholesome, and filled with great lessons about family, faith and love. Try it!

Okay: Liked, but The Goddess demands more!

Book Cover:


  1. Wow, this sounds so much like the Selection! I think this was released first though.

    ComaCalm's Corner =^.^=

  2. I thought this book was so cute-just a lot of sweet fun and I especially loved Kara. Great female friendships are always a plus in YA :)

  3. What a great story... Nothing like a modern day Esther and Daniel and the Lion's Den.. This book was hard to put down. I actually finished it in a day... I think that all young girls or teenagers should read this book. It shows how they can stand on their faith and still be true to themselves while growing up with the pressure of society around them. I hope that as you read this book your faith will be challenged.

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