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Thursday, December 13, 2012

[Cover reveal] Flicker & Burn (Cold Fury #2) by T.M. Goeglein + ARC giveaway!

Raise your hand, fans of the kick-ass heroine, Sara Jane Rispoli! She's back in Flicker & Burn, and guess what? The awesome Ted Goeglein bestowed to us the honor of revealing the cover for this sequel to the butt kicking awesome story, Cold Fury.

And hey, there's also a giveaway!


A super special, two-for-one cover reveal…Cold Fury, by T.M. Goeglein, has been redesigned, as well as the second installment in the Cold Fury trilogy…Flicker & Burn!

Cold Fury in paperback will be released in June 2012…and Flicker & Burn comes roaring onto the scene in August 2013!

The thrill ride that began in Cold Fury kicks into high gear in Flicker & Burn, as the threats to Sara Jane Rispoli come at her from all directions. She continues the desperate search for her missing family, but this timeshe’s on the run from creepy beings with red, pulsing eyes and ghostly white skin chasing her through the streets of Chicago in black ice cream trucks – they canonly be described as Ice Cream Creatures. They're skeletal and ferocious, hell-bent on catching or killing her, but also a weird link to her family, a clue towhere they might be and who has them.

While Sara Jane battles these newpursuers, she learns painful lessons about the phenomenon that possesses her, cold fury. At the same time, she’s uncovering buried secrets about the misdeeds of her family – old murders and blood vendettas – that might be connected to the disappearance of her mom, dad, and brother. The mysteries, violence, and constant state of chasing or being chased could be the undoing of her relationship with handsome Max Kissberg. Despite the love growing between them, Sara Jane can’t tell him the truth about her life, and fears for his safety.

Not only do the Ice Cream Creatures display the grisly amputated finger of her mom to prove their viciousness, and not only does Lucky, the Outfit Boss of Bosses, whistle in Sara Jane for a sit-down with deadly consequences, but her gorgeous cousin, Heather Richards, enters the scene, as well. All that matters to Sara Jane is saving her family and keeping everyone she loves alive and safe. But the forces she encounters, both external and the ones crackling inside of her, fight her every step of the way.


Here is your chance to win an ARC of Flicker & Burn once it's available! That's right! You get to read the book MONTHS before release date! Now who wouldn't want that right? Join now!

Sadly, this contest is open to US residents only, publisher's request! Sorry international followers! I'll do an international contest soon, so watch out for that! But if you have someone in the States we can ship the prize to, feel free to join!

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  1. I do like them, but I'm partial to my original signed copy ;)

    1. Same here! I think that cover is more bad ass :)


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