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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review: Frost (Mist #2) by Kathryn James

And just when I thought Mist was a good read, the follow-up novel wowed me a little bit more.

Title: Frost (Mist #2) by Kathryn James
Release Date: January 2013
Published by: Hodder Children's Books
Source: Publisher (Thanks Victoria!)
Buy: Amazon | Book Depository


Last time Nell went into the mist she rescued her sister. This time she’ll have to go farther than the Elven forest, farther than the frozen wastes beyond and onto a lake of primal ice so treacherous she’ll be lucky to return at all.

It’s the New Year, Woodbridge School is closed and the country is snowed in. While the blizzards rage and Nell’s mum works double shifts, their house is full of Gwen’s friends permanently crashing out on every bed and sofa. The Elven world is frozen, too. It’s deep in snow and ice storms are ravaging the forest. Worst of all the massive Harps that keep the Elven land twisted out of sight are falling silent. No music, no land.

Can Nell and Evan cross the deadly frozen lake that surrounds their land, and fight through freezing blizzards? And if they do reach the Harp will they be able to overcome the two enemies waiting for them - Loki and Laki Winter? They are feared Ice Elven, a race so secretive that most young Elven think they’re myths used to scare them into being good. The scheming Winter twins are all too real, though, and they’ll stop at nothing to make sure the Harps stay silent.

The story picks up some time after the events in Mist. Nell's sister, Gwen, is safe, but something is different with her. Gwen keeps on doodling an Elven's face on her notebook, someone she can't forget, Fen. Evan's bid to free the Elven from the iron camps in Siberia has changed him, but the real danger arrived faster than Nell expected. The Harps in the Elven land are dying, and along with it comes a deadly, seemingly endless Winter and the emergence of the Ice Elven. Nell must once again go into the Mist, her mission a little deadlier than the last time, and this time she's the only hope of the Elven world's survival.

It was so nice to read of the old Nell once more. She's still a figure on the fringes of her sister's clique but unlike before, she doesn't wonder why it's like that. Nell has accepted she's different, and that's not exactly a bad thing. Despite of her panic attacks, Nell still had that spunk in her that I loved reading of in Mist. One of the things that irritated me in this book though, is how Evan was after his stay in Siberia. I know it must be hard and very frustrating, to have something you want to get to be so close and yet you can't do anything to get it. But is giving Nell the cold shoulder helping him achieve his goal of saving his parents and younger sister? It felt unfair, considering how Nell helped the Elven in the previous book.

Kathryn James amped the action up one big notch in Frost. The way the story flows is just something that will make you want to stick throughout Nell's adventure and never put the book down until you find out how it all ends. What was lacking in Mist, that something that will make the readers feel that there's really a threat in the Elven world, is palpable in Frost. The emergence of the Ice Elven, Loki and Laki, of two intriguing characters which will make one's perception of them change in a blink is definitely a plus in the story. Are they a friend? A foe? I'm still wary of them, but they both proved to be another great addition to the world of the Fay.

Though Mist had it's predictably in a lot of the scenes, Frost sure took my breath away with some unexpected turn of events that Kathryn James added in the story. The introduction of the Vanir in the story, the way Evan and Nell races against time to save a dying world while tackling distractions from both the Elven and the humans, all of that contributed to Frost being such a great read. I enjoyed reading Frost a whole more than I did reading Mist, not just because of the great flow of the story, but because Nell, even Evan, and the rest of character has grown up, became a little bit wiser, stronger, braver and had more courage to face the dangers the world has in store for them. I loved how despite going through tough challenges and trials, of wanting to give up at times but pushing on no matter how big the odds are against them, there were moments between Evan and Nell that just made me feel how innocent they still both are and their budding feeling for each other certainly made me feel like they were still teens starting to discover amazing things like love, and first kiss amidst all of the dangers they're in.

Loose ends tied neatly together, conflicts resolved, budding romances established, families united, a world saved, what more can you ask for? Kathryn James did a great job in wrapping up Nell and Evan's tale as well as that of the Elven world. I wish there was more! I wouldn't mind diving back into this magical, mystical world Kathryn has created one more time. Maybe a Fen and Gwen spin-off? Because Gwen had a spunkiness inside of her that I wouldn't mind reading about. Or maybe a short story about Loki, how despite being an Ice Elven, where everyone thinks you are heartless, you are still capable of caring for things and people that matter to you. Reading the Mist series has proved to be an enjoyable experience. Recommended for younger teens, and those who are older but want to experience the magic of being in a new fantasy world, this series is for you!

My rating:

Content (plot, story flow, character):
They shared a kiss! This is me feeling all misty eyed for both Nell and Evan. They've come a long way, from being just kids to two people capable of saving their worlds and succeeding in it. Sometimes a happily ever after is needed, this story definitely made me so happy reading it.

Stunning: Worthy of a Goddess' Praise!

Book Cover:
Feel the ice? I think that's a perfect representation of what the world is like in Frost.


  1. Hi I am a new follower . .I loved Frost too <3. Great review xx
    Kirsty @ All in One Place

    1. Hi there, Kirsty! *waves* Thanks for the follow!
      Frost was awesome. Still hoping for a next book :D

  2. Great review Kai :)
    Although I haven't heard of this book yet ( not until now), I was captivated by your review that I wanted to read it soon, very soon :D

    I'm currently having a giveaway on my blog. Wanna check it out? GIVEAWAY here


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